Your Fall 2020 Anime Guide. September 25, 2020; This Summer season was definitely a crazy one. The fall 2020 Anime season is quickly approaching. For 30 minutes at a time, I can drown the misery and mundanity of the year in a truly fantastic lineup of new shows. Fall 2020. The 2020 fall anime season presents a unique situation, as earlier delays in productions due to COVID-19 led a number of big shows that were slated to … 7 Anime to Look Forward This 2020 Fall Season. Guides ... By Deanna Nguyen Anime is no stranger to hip-hop influence and vice versa. FEATURE: A Handy Guide for Anime Sequels For the Fall 2020 Season Check out Crunchyroll's primer for a quick look at series that are coming back with new seasons or new entries! ... high fantasy worlds and dragons than during the fall... Read more. 7 Anime to Look Forward This 2020 Fall Season 6 min read. Brian Ashcraft. Clearly the pandemic also impacted the Anime industry, which translated into fewer and … Premiere Date: October 2nd (Crunchyroll, HIDIVE) It may have been bumped to the Fall 2020 anime season due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but it's … One night, 14-year-old Madoka Kaname has a terrible nightmare - against the backdrop of a devastated city, she witnesses a girl fight a losing battle against a dreadful being lingering above, while a cat-like magical creature tells Madoka the only way to change such tragic outcome is for her to make a contract with him and become a magical girl. That’s right, I’m talking about the showstopper 2020 fall anime season. Let us know in the comments. Features 6 Fantasy Anime Perfect for the Fall. Are there any you’re especially into? Its tense first season and stark premise made it … ... Have a look below at what anime are airing during this fall’s season. Attack on Titan Season 4 Fall 2020 Anime fans have a complicated relationship with Attack on Titan, to say the least. As the summer season winds down, and the last few episodes air, fans are looking to the fall schedule for what seems to be an exciting line-up of shows. 2020 seems to be a good year to make a new season for a show after seven years, as this top ten list includes another anime that the third season for a show that last came out in 2013.