It is a fun experience to fly with the Flight Simulator on Google Earth.With two different types of Google Earth Flight Simulator planes, complete take off and landing controls, 27 airports to choose from and with joystick support, the Google Earth Flight Simulator makes an excellent simulation tool. The first and foremost thing to use the flight simulator is to download Google Earth Pro on your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux). How to use Google Earth's flight simulator. So a number of years ago, a flight simulator was added to Google Earth. Google Earth Flight Simulator free download - Google Earth Pro, YS Flight Simulator, Google Earth Voyager, and many more programs However, after a few years of off and on work, I have created 9 new flyable planes that each simulate the flight characteristics of real world aircraft. You must be logged in to use the chat The chat is self moderated: please stay courteous. Step 1: Where to find the flight simulator. The free online Flight Simulator with Google Earth is a tool to explore Google Maps. Much was made of it for a while, but gradually interest fell away, partly due to the fact that were only two flyable planes. You can then choose between two types of planes. Google Earth Flight Simulator (Easter Egg) Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts. To access the Google flight simulator mode, go to the Tools menu and look for Enter Flight Simulator… Step 2. Enable multiplayer Show Community Contributed 3D Models Performance is not guarantied Show ADS-B commercial traffic Enable text chat (I am over 13) Enable text chat By enabling GeoFS chat, you confirm that you are over 13 years of age. Command Windows/Linux Mac Result or Comment : Exit flight simulator: Ctrl + Alt + A, Escape + Option + A, Escape : Open flight simulator options: Ctrl + Alt + A + Option + A : Rotate pilot viewpoint: How to control Google Earth Flight Simulator Step 1. If you are using some old versions of Google Earth (later than 4.2) then you can update it to the latest one. How To Use Google Earth’s Flight Simulator.