Der Handbuch-Ratgeber „Misch dich ein!Klug für das Klima argumentieren“ aus dem Oetinger Taschenbuchprogramm wird im Dezember 2020 von der Deutschen Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur als Klimabuchtipp des Monats ausgezeichnet. Our publishing companies and brands at a glance: Now this is something Pete really wants to see, so the pair sets out to look for tree children and their parents. When, with increasing urgency, the books entreat her to help them, Lucy attempts to get to the bottom of the mystery. Will you say goodnight to the animals once more? At last, on her seventh birthday, Rosalie is enrolled at Blossomwood School. Witty poems, tantalising tongue twisters and charming stories about the Little Kangaroo provide ample reading material for one year. But neither medicine, nor fresh air or chocolate cake help. Why does the new girl in class 6b have such an odd diary? A Detective with a Heart and a Horn: Clearly a Case for Emmi and Unipig! Many of the group’s authors, illustrators and translators have won prestigious awards. A moving story about enjoying life. The ›Ogglies‹, the ›Sat‹ and ›Pettersson and Findus‹ are children’s favourites with cult character. Miss Hic, The Puffy Fart, The Burp, Professor Achoo or The Yawner? And what about Anton? For generations, his family has had to sacrifice its youngest child to the Master of the Forgotten. Only a sock who looks just like her makes her happy again. She has a mysterious birthmark in the shape of a book on her wrist and also the ability to hear books whispering to her. His team is so good they have even been invited to play in a major competition. Typical of Paul Maar: weird, whacky and sure to raise a smile: All the stories are wonderfully uneducational and ideal for reading aloud to the whole family. An international screen adaptation (feature film and TV series) is in the pipeline. But in the end, the many Sats give Mr Pocketbeer a tempestuous, truly and absolutely unforgettable Christmas Eve. But then Unipig gobbles up a small cake that’s the only piece of evidence! Totally pathetic! We work with the world's most influential artists, chefs, writers and thinkers to produce innovative books on art, photography, design, architecture, fashion, … The downside is that the drug has terrible sideeffects. A monsterly marvellous story about being loved and being just right that turns conventional beauty ideals upside down. start commissions motion alll. Four-legged friends to the rescue: The new comfort commando for nursery school kids is ready for action! Rights sold to China, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain and Hungary, Rights sold to Romania, The Czech Republic, Ukraine and UK/USA (English World Rights), Rights to the series sold to Belgium, France, Latvia, Russia, The Czech Republic and The Netherlands, Rights sold to France, Slovakia, Turkey and The Czech Republic, Rights sold to Denmark, Estonia, English World Rights, France, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Turkey, Rights sold to Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and The Czech Republic. Vertretungsberechtigte Geschäftsführer: Silke Weitendorf Julia Bielenberg Christian Graef Thilo Schmid. A few horrid teachers even want to see the boarding school for special girls close down. This bestselling series (already more than 550,000 books sold in Germany) strikes a chord with the young Fridays for Future crowd. And why are people bringing trees into their living rooms? In Emmi’s world, everything is perfectly normal – with the minor exception that for their tenth birthday everyone gets a fabulous creature that stays with them for the rest of their life. Poor little owl! Visit the publisher’s website for up-to-date events (visit website). But what do you do when you find one of these little creatures in your home and really don’t need any creepy-crawly housemates? Their lives are sometimes chaotic but, all in all, the three get along perfectly well – until Fidaa and her mother move in. When the Sat invites a few colleagues from the world of Sats to his very first Christmas, some intentional – and also one or two unintentional – wishes come true. Verlagsgruppe Oetinger Service GmbH Max-Brauer-Allee 34 22765 Hamburg Telefon: +49 40 607909-02 Telefax*: +49 406072326 E-Mail: Internet: Anyone who breaks the rules disappears. And that’s where she hears about the fairy letterbox where human children post their wishes. But what’s the best way to make it better? Especially not on snuggle-up moonshine reading nights. Then her best friend, Amy, is killed in a car accident but, at night, Faye meets the supposedly dead Amy in the street. start all kids commissions. Too late, the elephant opens his eyes and gives a loud “taraaa!”, which wakes up the lion, the bird and the fish again. And as everyone really should know, unicorns are the absolutely most brilliant fabulous creatures. Explosive theme and a touching romance at the same time. Standort Hamburg-Duvenstedt: Poppenbütteler Chaussee 53 22397 Hamburg Standort Hamburg-Altona: Max-Brauer-Allee 34 22765 Hamburg,, Managing Directors Silke Weitendorf, Julia Bielenberg, Christian Graef, Thilo Schmid, Markus Langer, Juliane Lachenmayer, Program Directors Nina Horn (Verlag Friedrich Oetinger), Katrin Weller (Dressler Verlag), Susanne Mardt (Ellermann), Marketing Anne Petersen, Sales Thilo Schmid, Foreign Rights Ulrike Düwert, Events Helga Blümlein, Public Relations Judith Kaiser, The Online Catalogue of the Association of Childrens' Books Publishers. Die Oetinger Verlagsgruppe bietet Ihnen viel 3.000 inspirierende Bücher zum Lesen und Hören, 500 innovative Spiel- und Erlebnisprodukte, 5 renommierte Verlage mit einer besonderen Erfolgsgeschichte und über 120 engagierte Kolleginnen und Kollegen mit einer Liebe für große Erzählwelten und kleine Leser – das ist die Verlagsgruppe Oetinger. What a colourful country we live in! Back at the forester’s lodge, Pete begins to feel sad again because he is still all alone. She simply cannot keep away from Cayden and her suspicion becomes a certainity: Cayden is not the boy he makes himself out to be. Other Works Max thinks his new stepsister Lara is stupid – just like the old house he and his dad moved into. But where do they go to? ): LovelyBooks Leserpreis 2019 – Marah Woolf: Penzberger Urmel 2019 – Antonia Michaelis und Claudia Carls: Deutsch-Französischer Jugendliteraturpreis 2018 – Benjamin Tienti: Zürcher Kinderbuchpreis 2018 – Kirsten Boie: Rights sold to China, Estonia, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain, Rights sold to Denmark, Belgium/The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Mexico and Central America, Australia/New Zealand, USA and Canada, Rights sold to Belgium and The Netherlands. Peter Wohlleben answers questions that are unusual, original and often very funny. For the first time, our catalogue is interactive! Extra: a movable pointer on the cover. Gregor sets off to ask his mummy, his daddy and the other monsters, who all love him the way he is. Rights to the series sold to China, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, The Czech Republic and Vietnam. REWE Group Red Rabbit. These woods hold a secret – four heroic young animals with big hearts and soft, fluffy fur are always at the ready to soothe away all the cares of nursery school children. Marine mystery, adventure and a wonderful friendship! But she is also afraid of it because coming into contact with water could be fatal to her – that’s what Alea’s mother told her foster mother before she disappeared. Time to start all over again! His easy-to-understand and nearly always surprising answers help children to see life in the woods with new eyes. Ein Haus voller vielfältiger Verlage. Registergericht: Hamburg. In addition to the children’s and young adult literature classics of Astrid Lindgren and others, the group’s current programmes are a collection of works by the most popular German authors, among them Kirsten Boie, Cornelia Funke and Paul Maar. On the strength of their new powers, the government recruits the four to work as agents. Be your best self – always, at all times! Bestseller: Over 900,000 copies of The Little Owl and her friends sold. And just when they all think it will be impossible to find a winner, a very different candidate turns up – one who’s far more terrible than all the rest! Brain doping, societal pressure and optimisation mania: Four teenagers in a totalitarian society. Despite the financial hardships though, Israelis and expat animators in Israel say simply: it's worth it. Jurymeinung: "Klar, sachlich und informativ: Ein kleines, aber beeindruckendes Taschenbuch zum Klimawandel legt die Autorin vor und … When Fidaa accidentally drops Maikel and there’s talk of the rabbit being put to sleep, Andrea runs away in the middle of the night with Maikel in a cool box – and Fidaa hot on his heels. Never mind! Incredibly exciting story with a bibliophile subject! The stories are set in Germany and describe, among other things, the Iranian festival Sizdah Bedar, Afghan fast breaking, and Senegalese drumming. commissions all. We love Unipig! Out into the leafy outdoors: forest discoveries with Peter Wohlleben and Pete the squirrel. Official Sites, View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. A wonderful debut novel with humour, charm and an inspired message: Be happy with who you are! Der Speicher wird bereits seit 2008 als zweiter Standort für … Die Verlagsgruppe Oetinger vereint unter ihrem Dach renommierte Verlage mit einer besonderen Erfolgsgeschichte: den Verlag Friedrich Oetinger mit den Imprints Oetinger Taschenbuch und Migo , Oetinger Media , den Dressler Verlag mit dem Imprint ellermann und den Verlag für Kindertheater . Do tree children have a nursery? Wishes come true at Christmas! A thief is wreaking havoc in Elftown. Exposure to sunlight reduces Bram’s teammate Drago to dust, werewolf Lars has a terrible temper and the monster twins would rather eat the ball than kick it. Summer unter Black Wings won the German Youth Literature Award in 2016! The Sat has never experienced anything like it before! (avj), Braubachstraße 16 60311 Frankfurt am Main Managing Director: Margit Müller, Further information on our association can be found at: commissions logo xyz outline. During the first big storm, Alea is swept overboard. The 20 stories vary in length and feature popular topics, like pirates and princesses, animals, holidays, knights and football. The Right Honourable Victoria FitzQuirk is new in Anton’s class – and she really thinks she’s something. The lower end of that scale will barely afford you a one-bedroom in Tel Aviv—so aim high. But perhaps the pair can still help Mummy to find the thief Wonderfully written, with lighthearted humour, but also depth. But who is probably the most unstoppable? In addition to all kinds of fascinating and amusing facts about spiders, this book also lets you in on the ultimate spider-(phobia)-banishing trick! A kiss from Mummy Owl, of course! Knowledge packed into readaloud stories: 18 new stories! Boisterous, charming, with everything the heart could wish for: the perfect present for all Sat fans. Amusing, tongue-in-cheek storytime fun that even grownups love to read! But what role do the seemingly friendly biology replacement teacher Dr. Dr. Quip, who is obsessed with flying, and the “resurrected” Hulda Stingbeard play in all this? Nina Horn, bislang Lektorin im Aladin Verlag, verantwortet bei Oetinger ab dem 1.September 2018 das Kinder- und Jugendbuchprogramm inklusive Pappe und Bilderbuch, das sie stärker ausbauen wird. Nelly’s mother is forced to move with Nelly and her 14-year-old brother from the quiet streets of Poppenbüttel with its attractive houses to a high-rise estate in Hamburg-Steilshoop. Here she is surrounded by her favourite books, Gustaf, the rhyming cat, and Mr King, the talking mirror. What kind of creatures are the ones with the wings that supposedly live in heaven? This third-generation, family-managed media house has now been publishing stories for children, young people and adults for over 70 years. With stories about best friends, talking cats and the most wonderful place in the world, with warm-hearted illustrations by Betina Gotzen-Beek. yet. One day, Alea joins the Alpha Cru kids, who sail the sea on a yacht. A dream of a book: magical reading for young book fans! people portraits all start. Is Amy still alive? Many well-known classics revisited: the Nibelungen and Siegfried, William Tell, Barbarossa, Robin Hood, Rübezahl and the Flying Dutchman – as well as the adventurous stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Odysseus, Hercules, Isis and Osiris, and Romulus and Remus. But is he also a pretty monster? A crazy contest begins. No one is supposed to know that. Oetinger Taschenbuch, Dressler, the Imprint Ellermann, Oetinger Media and Verlag für Kindertheater. An enchanting adventure full of anti-pink charm for girls of six and over. They don’t know that Lara also has some help. Short of sleep, it is often hard for her to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Verlag Friedrich Oetinger All they fail to find are tree families – until they reach the beech wood. It’s desperate. Pete the squirrel is sad because he has no family in the woods. portraits logo xyz. Twelve-year-old Felix Vorndran’s newly won friendship with his pals, and above all with Ella, is put to an acid test. Then one day, Till, Caspar’s brother, also disappears from the adults’ memory. Personal Work. Monday: fun at the pony farm; Tuesday: mediaeval knights; next week: dinosaurs … A new, innovative series concept that makes learning the days of the week child’s play. And Lucy has the feeling that Nathan, to whom she feels irresistibly drawn, is somehow involved in it all. After that, nothing is the same again. Currently no events. The only trouble is that the letterbox is right at the other end of Fairyland. With grandiose illustrations by Felix Eckardt – the “shooting star of the German painting scene” – this well-arranged collection is a wonderful introduction to the complex cosmos of sagas and the different worlds of gods and heroes. A pesky bird, a princess who beats up the prince and Kurt, an unwilling unicorn who thinks sparkly pink stars and rosescented farts are totally pathetic – it’s enough to make you weep. The Oetinger publishing group comprises several companies operating in classic print publishing as well as the digital publishing market. Why are wild animals frightened of people? Tammie has an aneurism in her head that could implode at any time – or not. As Mrs Owl so beautifully puts it: “Today is not a day for feeling miserable!”. The latest (and cutest) friend of The Little Owl. In a future world, where performance and behaviour are rated on a points system and people’s score has reallife consequences, a scientist makes four teenage friends an unbeatable offer: to raise their score by testing a performance-enhancing, wonderchild drug. Discover Book Depository's huge selection of Oetinger Verlag books online. The two meet one night in summer: Sean, a student from Iran, who’s been in Germany for two months, and Davy, a home kid who’s run away to look for a friend. Will Peter perhaps let him stay? It looks like we don't have any Biography for The unicorn craze? Halter debütierte 2005 mit dem preisgekrönten Gedichtband „Ich habe die Welt berührt“ im renommierten Ammann Verlag. Nescafé Publicis. The children turn the pointer on the wheel and wherever it stops, that’s the story to be read. Andrea lives with his father and his pet rabbit, Maikel. New series: Comics for beginning readers. There are thousands of prohibitive signs – and lots of frightened people. Am 31.August ziehen nun alle Mitarbeiter in den Hamburger Speicher in direkter Nähe des Altonaer Bahnhofs in Hamburg. Some jobs pay just under $1,000 USD a month (paid in Shekels and varies with exchange rate) while others $3,000+ USD (paid in Shekels and varies with exchange rate). Watch out, the Unstoppable Five are in our midst! Ludwig at her best: spooky classroom goings-on that are guaranteed to raise a smile! A read-aloud book with a built-in game. Still, the friends end up winning the match against their arch-enemies, FC Redspike! The popular Why (Warum) series answers children’s questions with entertaining, child-appropriate short stories – including facts that amaze even adults. A road trip that goes straight to the heart! All covers are linked to the title pages on our website, with extra buttons to English sample translations and long summaries. With topics that children love and a days-ofthe-week wheel to colour in as a learning aid. Only one person knows the dark secret. Potty training with Alpaca – A humorous tale about every parent’s travel nightmare.