Fullmetal Alchemist: Edward Vs. Alphonse - Who Would Win? (Fireflower) https://youtu.be/uLBC2kWYFo8, (Fireflower live) https://youtu.be/l6tnAxzGVZ4, (Meltdown live) https://youtu.be/vKe-oVXfKU8. She accepts and Len keeps his promising eating up her bad dreams but then she asks him to give her all kinds of dreams and Len accepts her request giving her dreams that are adventurous, romantic, funny, and dirty. This lighthearted song is perfect for people with a soft spot for roleplaying games. It’s a beautiful song from beginning to end. The word märchen is German for fairy-tale which is ironic because this song is anything but a fairy-tale but then again German fairy-tales are pretty dark. . Fans, however, can't seem to agree on how the story ends. I love Rin’s voice in this song and how she sets the image of her dance and love with Len throughout the song. If you’re looking for a video to confess your feelings to the person you love check this song out. This song has a lot of interpretations to it. When the rebellion begins we find out that Len helped Rin escape and took her place on guillotine. As always feel free to leave a comment, feedback, or request in the comment section below or send them iamprojectnitsuj@gmail.com. You have to face reality, live in it, and make those dreams come true. With her newly-found heart, she reflects on her time with the scientist. It’s just a bunch of kids wanting to be recognized for their talents. As I said before the Kagamines are my favorite Vocaloids for their amazing duets and single performances and they’re just so cute to see. Whatever your interpretation of the song is one can’t deny that it’s still a great song to listen to with great lyrics and fantastic instrumental that represent the tortured soul of our singer. She recruits a group of people, one of them being Rin, who is a bard. In this song, Rin is stuck in a one-sided relationship, and she tries over and over again to impress her lover with material things. In the song Rin has become possessed by the sin of pride and is the princess and ruler of her own kingdom where she doesn’t care about the well-being of her subjects and is a selfish brat. At first I was confused by this but after sitting down and really reading the lyrics while watching the video yeah I can see why people use this song as a confession. Decade-End Top Artists - Interactive; Decade-End Hot 100 Songs; Decade-End Billboard 200 Albums; All Decade-End Charts; BANDSINTOWN X BILLBOARD . The whole song is just Len bragging about how he’s slept with other girls behind his girlfriend’s back and how she won’t do anything about it because in the end she just can’t resist him and how other girls can’t resist him either because the spice that he has is just too good to pass up. The puns that Len come up with are enough to make anybody blush out of embarrassment or just laugh at how clever he’s being. RELATED: Avatar: 5 Anime Characters Princess Azula Can Take On (& 5 Who'd Demolish Her). This was the first duet song I heard from the two. It’s another beautiful song that deserves a good listening. What? The same amount of marketing advertisement went into them as much as Miku and while they didn’t meet the sales figures as her they still got positive reviews and quickly became fan favorites. Top row: John L. Sullivan, James Corbett, Bob Fitzsimmons, James Jeffries; Second ... when someone asked him what he was thinking when Walcott knocked him down in their first fight: Gee, this fellow hits hard. Others view it as a sign of depression because the author is lonely but probably my favorite interpretation of the song is the author crying out for help. Project #142.5: Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka?/ Is the Order a Rabbit. It is impossible not to watch this song and not laugh or at least smile while listening to it. *All videos, music, and pictures used in this blog do not belong to me and belong to their respective owners. Today happens to be the birthday of Rin and Len Kagamine aka The Kagamines hands down my favorite Vocaloids. (Kokoro live) https://youtu.be/dAAEtSUvy9U, (Crystal Mic) https://youtu.be/1kUcUtx3S7k. RIN ist ein deutscher Rapper aus Bietigheim-Bissingen mit kroatischer sowie bosnischer Abstammung. The silliest song on the list, Seraphim On The Ring is about two ordinary high school girls trying to find success in life through professional wrestling. Top 40, de enige échte hitlijst van Nederland! Well that’s my list. In the song Rin and Len have just seen the latest polls and are upset at the fact that Miku is still ahead of them. Next up Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku. I love this song. Miku Hatsune and Rin are up against Luka and Meiko, two tough opponents who have the protagonists at a major disadvantage from the start. Losing a loved one is hard and if you could you would do anything to see them again. The table below displays the available modifiers for items such as Coral RingCoral Ring+(20-30) to maximum Life.Back to top He just sounds so despicably sinister throughout the song but at the same time charming and fun to listen to. The story starts with the heroine, Miku, searching for people to join her party. In another part of the song Rin falls in love with Kaito and proposes marriage but he says he’s in love with Miku from the country of green. Servant of Evil is Len’s song and serves as the true ending to Daughter of Evil. Some view the song as a suicide note left by Rin who is singing the song from a male perspective (probably would have been best to use Len for the song but I’m sure there’s a Len version out there and Rin sounds good). However, one of them cheats again and the other no longer able to stand it kills the other as well as themselves. She’s in love with you but no matter how hard she tries the words just won’t come out until the end where after much struggling she finally says what she’s been trying to say all this time. Fireflower and Meltdown. Let’s take a look at one of their funnier duet songs. Two people who don’t have any feelings for each other but pretend to have feelings decide that this is as good as it’s gonna get so I might as well stick with this and nothing else. Man that’s pretty deep. I wanted her to live at the end. (Imagination dream mix) https://youtu.be/IdQZFcxjVWQ, (Imagination original) https://youtu.be/t5Li6WYrwdU. Pokémon: 10 Ways The Anime Would Have Changed If Ash Woke Up On Time, Bleach: 10 Most Important Things About The Thousand-Year Blood War, Naruto: Every Character Sasuke Was Perfectly Fine Killing (In Chronological Order). It’s really hard to grasp the meaning of this song but from my understanding of the lyrics it sounds like Len has lost someone he loved and now contemplating about committing suicide in order to be with that person again. This is deepest I’ve ever heard Len sound and he sounds amazing here and it’s a good pop-rock song with great lyrics and instrumental. Moonlight Stage is Rin’s song where she talks about going through the motions of everyday life not putting effort into anything whatsoever until she finally comes across someone who inspires her not to go through the motions of everyday life and create her own path in the world. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Welcome to Project Nitsuj: Your place for honest anime reviews and thoughts. In my opinion no it would have been nice if he tried to steer her in the right direction but that still doesn’t take away the loyalty of Len and his commitment to serving Rin to the bitter end. The song also has many layers to it. If you like dark songs with a deep story check this series of songs out it’s very good. Reminiscent of Zektbach's Blind Justice, Sword Of Drossel focuses on two siblings on two opposing sides. These two songs may be some of their most well-known songs but in my opinion they’re still the best songs that show off just how good the two can be. We see how he knows Rin is evil and what she’s doing is wrong but he doesn’t stop her because he’s loyal and loves his sister. She finds it in the form of a program called Kokoro (which means Heart) which was designed for her to make Rin become human. Things seem to be going great until Len finally snatches away those dreams and gives her a world full of monochrome colors and leaves. I Like you, I Love you and Ugly-Guy Documentary, (I Like you, I Love you) https://youtu.be/ebAKoRcYFTA, (Ugly-Guy Documentary) https://youtu.be/t7CyfLpnmOI. Unfortunately, the program was too much for her to handle and she shuts down however she had a smile on her face thanking the scientist for everything. At the start, there is a letter from a thief claiming that on the ship S.S. No I think it just means that Len was just hooking up with this girl just to hookup with her. In the end yellow is the ally and green is the enemy. This song quickly became one of my favorite Rin songs. The whole song just gives off that 90s R&B that I grew listening to and became a fan of from an early age. The jazz music in this song is great. He didn’t have any feelings for her or nothing she was just there and he was just there which sadly is how some relationships get started and end quickly. She is met with misfortune once her evil deeds catch up to her. In the song the Kagamines are singing about their frustrations with the educational system and viewing school as just a prison where instead of learning what they want to learn or what will help them in life, they’re instead forced to learn stuff that’s meaningless and led to believe that grades will determine everything in their life when really it doesn’t. She now writes list articles for CBR. The Kagamines made their debut in 2007 the same year as Miku. It's about a woman who lives a happy life with her husband, until he gets an illness with a cure that they cannot afford with their modest income. Here’s another dark song from the Kagamines. The Top 12 Rin/Len Kagamine songs #1. Naruto: 5 Times Boruto Retconned The Original Series (& 5 Times It Made Sense), One-Punch Man: 10 Strongest Characters At The End Of The Series, One Piece: 10 Best Fights From The Movies, Ranked, Bleach: 5 Anime Powers That Suit Kenpachi Better Than His Zanpakuto (& 5 That Don't), My Hero Academia: 10 Pro Heroes That Could Become U.A. The presentation, the lyrics, Len, everything in this song is a hit with me. Which Akatsuki Member Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign? Throughout the song you can’t help but sympathize with their anguish and frustration with the educational system as you yourselves have been affected by in some way that you just wanna scream your head off at how faulty and unreliable it is. 12 Weeks. 1 Overview 2 Lore 3 The Spirit's Perks 4 Load-out 4.1 Weapon: Shattered Katana 4.2 Power: Yamaoka's Haunting 4.2.1 Power Trivia 4.3 Add-ons for Yamaoka's Haunting 5 Achievements 6 … It encourages listeners to strive to be better, as living in the past will only drag people down. Rather than just give up on his romance he instead changes his image and becomes the cute little brother/boyfriend all the girls want. RELATED: Pokémon Black & White: The 10 Best Songs, Ranked. Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder and Moonlight Stage, (Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder) https://youtu.be/hyV4qGAPKac, (Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder live) https://youtu.be/w7W6mpmV92w, (Moonlight Stage) https://youtu.be/ejty_WfdQiY. Why top 12? Spice is Len’s song and if you thought Len wasn’t a pervert and just a mislead innocent boy well this song crushes that theory and shows you the truth about Len. Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder was originally Rin’s song but the producer also created a version using Len which I and many people consider to be the better version of the song. That’s what makes Len so fun to listen to. Many people felt this song was giving kids the wrong message what with Len changing his image in order to get Rin to acknowledge him but no I think it’s normal and healthy for a boy to go through a change in order to attract someone because some boys do change their images in order to catch the attention of the person they like just like girls can change their image in order to attract the attention of the guy they like and even at the end when he changes his image he knows that he shouldn’t blame his physical appearance on his inability to talk to Rin but rather his mentality and that’s what he does. She is finally able to appreciate him, as well as the heart she now has. Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder and Moonlight Stage. Hey guys Justin here and welcome to the Otaku Mind. In the song Rin has done something bad so bad that she believes the only way to be forgiven is to toss herself into a nuclear reactor and burn away in a blaze of glory. Unlike Rin, Len was one of the only characters in the series who didn’t get possessed by a Deadly Sin (I guess that makes him the purest of all the Vocaloids). This is another upbeat song, yet the story is not as cheerful as the tune makes it seem. Kokoro is Rin’s song where in this song a lonely scientist creates her to keep him company however Rin was missing something very important. He answered the request of the girl and everything. Yep two of their most well-known songs are my favorite songs out there.