The company claims that the Tony Iommi “Monkey” 1964 SG Special Replica, which will come out later this year, is an exact copy of the iconic instrument. Tony first used this guitar on the last gig of the Black … Finished in gloss black, and loaded with US Gibson Tony Iommi humbucking pickups, this SG has the iconic twin Devil horned body of a 60s original. Shares (Image credit: Gibson) NAMM 2020: Gibson has announced a meticulously reverse-engineered recreation of Black Sabbath legend Tony Iommi's 'Monkey' SG Special. Iommi upgrades include an ebony fingerboard, Celtic cross inlays and 24 jumbo frets. Johnny Blade wrote: I own the Gibson Tony Iommi SG and have tried the Epiphone version and there is no difference in the sound. Just the way you play it. Source: Gibson. Even with super light strings downtuned to C# like Tony's setup these pickups still scream. Heavily modded 1964 Special that defined Black Sabbath sound recreated. Sabbath Tone. This was one of two prototypes built by Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville as a blueprint for Tony Iommi Signature SG. Jaydee Custom Basses and Guitars official site - Handmade custom built electric guitars and basses by UK luthier John Diggins Previous Next. Tony Iommi’s heavily modded ‘Monkey’ 1964 SG Special a guitar that defined the classic Black Sabbath sound is being recreated in 2020 by Gibson Custom Shop. I love mine - it has the Gibson signature Iommi pickups and they're super hi-gain. NAMM 2020: Tony Iommi 'Monkey' Gibson SG Special revealed. The heavily-modded 1964 model was Tony's … It was delivered to Tony in late 1997. This left handed model will be available in a short run and also as a right handed model as well. This guitar features red finish, a neck with 24 frets and custom cross inlays, four control knobs with only two of them actually being functional, and two Gibson-designed Tony Iommi signature pickups. This release will be strictly limited to a run of 50 and … If you're looking for that early Sabbath sound you can't go wrong with the Epi Iommi SG. By Will Groves 11 January 2020.