Grimsel Hospiz (32km) 3.0 °C. Other webcams in the area. Cevio - Bosco Gurin Cevio This walk takes you from Cevio - the capital of Vallemaggia - to Bisco Gurin, a charming Walser village where an antique Valais dialect (known as «Gurinerdeutsch») is spoken to this day, handed down from one generation to the next. The village was started during Walser migration in the 13th century, with the first settlers arriving in 1244. Cimetta (37km) 7.7 °C. Bosco Gurin - Ubarab - Geschanu - Cerentino - Linescio. Binn (30km)-1.4 °C. Data of 08:20. Take the line 315 bus from Locarno, Via della Pace to Cevio, Boscioli 315; Take a taxi from Cevio, Boscioli to Bosco/Gurin 1 x Berg / Talfahrt für eine Familie zu gewinnen Bosco/Gurin is first mentioned in 1244 as als Buscho de Quarinobis.Until 1934, it was known as Bosco-Vallemaggia, and in German as Gurin. Andermatt (37km) 4.4 °C. Cevio (15km) 3.3 °C. 4h30, aufwärts 60m, abwärts 900m Route: Bosco Gurin 1503m - Ubarab 1294m - Geschanu 1275m - Cios 1206m - Piano dei Vitetti - Pila 1069m - Carbonera 1014m - Cerentino 980m - Linescio 664m Bosco Gurin Tessin: Švica - Izleti - Pohodništvo. new topic Weather stations nearby. 5.5 °C. Piotta (33km)-2.5 °C. Line 315 bus, taxi • 56 min. Ulrichen (28km)-0.6 °C. Robièi (16km)-2.5 °C. Gütsch, Andermatt (41km) Weitere Weather stations Tessin. Locarno /Monti (39km) 0.8 °C. Bosco Gurin ist das höchstgelegene Dorf im Tessin und eines der bezauberndsten Bergdörfer der Schweiz, ist ein typisches Walser-Dorf. When you get to Linescio, look out for the impressive drystone walls that extend for more than 25 km, characterising the first village in the Rovana Valley. Bosco Gurin. 15.43 km ride with 1,737 m of climbing, average grade of 6.8 %. Immediately after Cevio, having left the valley bottom behind, the traffic grows lighter and a series of bends enables you climb to a significant height. Check it out! Wunderschöne Wanderung von Bosco Gurin zur Grossalp. 6. Wanderungen in Bosco/Gurin ★ Insgesamt stehen euch in der Region Bosco/Gurin 19 abwechslungsreiche Wanderungen zur Auswahl. The road .